Kickstart Branding Campaign

The Ultimate OnRamp Strategy for Positioning Your Visual Message

Dual Market Strategy

The Kickstart Branding Campaign was created for two distinct markets, as we saw that both benefitted from the same onramp strategy. This allows anybody to build a successful stand-alone business, then moving onto the next stage of growth:

Profesional Expert

Many customers do not want to create an online course, only to build a professional brand for their business:

Online Teaching

Before launching an online course, any teacher needs to build a healthy mailing list with avid followers:

  • Yoga & Raiki Studio
  • Coaching
  • Retail
  • Workshops & Seminars
  • Events (Trade, Women, etc)
  • Profesional with a practice
  • Courses (Sales, Marketing)
  • Entrpreneurship
  • Certifications
  • Sporting Profeciencies
  • Lifestyle
  • How to videos


The Kickstart Package

For those looking to increase your visibility with your business or solution, this package establishes the complete framework in a 30 day program.

  • A Checklist of all necessary steps for a complete online strategy

  • Graphic Artwork, logo & Theme (for Marketing consistency)

  • Website Strategy (Domain Name, Webpage, Landing Page)

  • Email setup and integration into your Sales funnel 

  • Social Media Strategy & Implementation (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc)

  • Promotional Video: 60 Sec. Promo Video

  • Sales/Call to Acton 90 Sec. Sales Video

  • Special “Free Offer” outline strategy


Optional Add-ons

For those requiring a more integrated solution, we offer the option of adding only the services you need to accelerate or enhance your positioning

    • Script writing, Proofreading & Editing, Animation intro video
    • Enhanced Promo video, Free E-book formatting
    • Collateral preparation (print materials)
    • Special Offer Creation for FREE giveaway (audio, Ebook, video)

    Plus the option to signup for the SPIR MEDIA RETAINER PROGRAM*



    SPIR Distribution

    The SPIR Media mandate is to create, distribute, engage and respond to the online community.  The number one rule for online success is consistency.  Our team then collects feedback and statistical analysis to better target the right audience.

    Social Media is a conversation, not a monologue

    The hardest concept with people new to social media is understanding how people interact with one another, or with businesses.  All collateral is prepared in advanced, studied and approved to guarantee the highest success rate.  Here are some of what our team manages: 

    Website Management

    We work closely with our customers to better understand their business, and reflect their philosophy onto their Website

    Facebook Page

    More and more of your customers are living on Facebook, and we can provide a business, fan and event page

    Social Media

    The old advertising model is broken.  Engage your customers in Social Media.  Our team will make sure you’re visible.

    Content Creation

    Our team can develop all of the necessary content

    Collateral Creation

    Pamphlets, brochures, banners

    Special Events

    temporary staffing for special events, including a sommelier, guest speakers, etc

    Email Campaigns

    The old advertising model is broken.  Engage your customers in Social Media.  Our team will make sure you’re visible.

    Promotion and contests

    Our team can develop all of the necessary content


    Connect with your customers by timely newsletters

    E-Commerce Solutions

    We can provide a turnkey services for start selling your products and services online.

    Mobile Platforms

    We can deliver a complete mobile platform solutions, from content creation, social media and emails.


    Let customers hear your voice.  We offer podcasts, audio recordings and live events.