Virtual Technical Assistant

Why choose a VTA Virtual Technical Assistant

SPIR Media works with businesses to act as their trusted Digital Department.  We execute an agreed to plan for all support, content creation and online marketing.  We employ and contract a diverse workforce, specific to each services offered.

Historically, businesses relied on traditional print ads, radio and TV for their advertising, as part of their Marketing strategy.  However, with the advent of digital system, computers and the internet, a new Marketing philosophy has emerged, and small businesses are finding it hard to understand, then adapt their current strategies.  SPIR Media acts as an extension to the digital world.

Flexible digital solutions

As the complexity of the online community grows, it’s becoming harder and harder to stay on top of current and emerging technologies.  At SPIR Media,we have developed a 3 services strategy, where each group has a dedicated expert.  With a Digital Manager, each group can contribute their expertize to your solution:

We have experience in the most popular softwave tools that online presence requires