Virtual IT Department for Support

Most small businesses are busy enough servicing their customers, and with the online demands growing, few have resources to know if their Internet Technology (I.T.) strategy is working or wasting their time.  Let SPiR Media be your IT specialist:

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On-Premise Support

Your business is always keeping you busy, and the last thing you need is to start running around taking care of your digital tools.. Let SPIR be your IT specialist for on-premise support:

  • Computers, laptop, smartphone
    All your devices now must talk to one another
  • Software & SaaS
    We can install and debug software and set up a Software as a Solution (SaaS)
  • Networking Solutions
    WiFi setup, POS Terminals, 
  • Mobile Solutions
    Smartphones, laptops & iPads are being used more as effective tools.  We can set them up.

Off-Premise Support

Certain tasks do not require an onsite visit, and we can enable a remote support system, either interfacing directly to your digital equipment, or working on your cloud specific needs:

  • Website Setup
    From domain name, to hosting and online commerce
  • Software & SaaS
    Remotely Managing your software
  • Networking Solutions
    Setting up automatic backups
  • Online Management
    From hosting and domain name for Websites, to Email